ARC Weekly Race Report – Week 8 – 23rd February 2022

This week we start with our usual parkrun round up, as fourteen Members began their weekend with a 5K run. There were no significant milestones or Personal Bests to report this week, however the Club was represented at the events held at Darlington South Park, Hackworth, Sedgefield, Sewerby and Wilmslow.

The big event of the weekend was the Hetton Lyons Royal Signals Relays, held on Saturday afternoon, and which featured teams from Clubs across the region. Each Team Member was required to run two laps of Hetton Lyons Country Park, totalling 2.2 Miles.

In the Women’s Race, which featured Olympians Laura Weightman and Aly Dixon running for their respective North-East Clubs, our Senior Team of Lauryn HELLEWELL (16:00); Jayne RUDD (19:42); Nicola INGMAN (20:28); and Steph COLVIN (19:50) completed their run in a cumulative time of 1:16:00.

Jayne Rudd

Our first Veteran Women’s Team comprised Melanie ROWLAND (20:10); Samantha HARDING (19:43); Lorraine SWEENEY (17:57); and Donna JARPS (19:29), who finished in 1:17:19, with the team of Carley COOPER (18:57); Eve DOE (22:14); Sandra RUDD (24:29); and Jane EVANS (21:50) coming home in 1:27:30.

IMG_20220221_065931_441In the Men’s Race, our Senior Team of Gareth KYLE (12:37); Floyd JONES (13:17); Martin TURNBULL (13:46); Richard CAMPBELL (13:00); Dez FIELDEN (12:35); and John FIRBY (12:25) finished in 1:17:40.

Floyd Jones

Our next team home was Rob YOUNG (14:07); Shaun DODD (15:46); Shaun DODDS (16:46); Paul DALTON (13:58); Richard HOLLAND (14:50); and Stuart JOYCE (14:16) in a cumulative time of 1:29:43.

Shaun Dodd

Peter JARPS (16:22); David STOTHARD (17:45); Ian STOTHARD (22:42); Rob NICHOLSON (22:07); Graham ATKINS (16:30); and Trevor NEEDHAM (15:52) were our final team home, completing their run in 1:45:52.

This represented a fantastic turnout for the Club, and all Members appeared to enjoy the event, which was held in a positive and supportive atmosphere.

If you have any queries about the activities of Aycliffe Running Club, or are interested in joining the Club, please visit our website, or contact the Club’s Secretary, Donna, at