ARC Weekly Race Report – Week 6 – 14th Feb 2024

Although this last week has been a little, quieter for races, members from Aycliffe Running Club have still been busy.

The week started off with the South Shields Monthly Mile on Wednesday 7 February where two members took part.  Representing the club were David Stothard (7:05) and Ian Stothard (9:40) who both improved their times from the previous month. 

On Sunday 12 February, two members took part in the Run Newcastle Valentines 10k race at the Town Moor in Newcastle.  Shaun Dodds (49:29) and Trish Kay (55:36) represented the club.  Shaun finished fifth in the men’s over 50 category with Trish first in the women’s over 60 category, brilliant performances from both

On the same day, four members took part in the Stuart Pailor memorial race, or more commonly known as the Old Monks a 5.5 mile race at Hart Village in Hartlepool.  This saw runners, have to deal with some pretty awful conditions with the trails flooded in some parts and a lot of mud.  Representing the club were David Stothard (1:04:40), Laura Grainger (1:07:06), Sandrine Hewitt (1:11:00) and Ian Stothard (1:21:18).  They all deserve our appreciation for running in those conditions.

On Saturday, 32 members started their weekend with a parkrun, taking in the Sedgefield, Darlington South Park, Hackworth, Hartlepool, Herrington Country, Ashington Community Woodland events. 

At Sedgefield, John Surtees (17:57) finished second.  Also taking part were Richard Campbell (21:55), Steve Williams (27:10), Susan Rees (27:34), Viv Williams (32:06 and completing her 75th run at Sedgefield), Judith Porter (32:10), Kevin Greenall (34:05) and Linda McNamee (45:37).  At Darlington South Park, Angela Sutheran (24:48) and Sarah Gill (26:46) both took part with Sarah completing this course for the first time.

At Hackworth, Daniel Tatham (24:12), Bernadette Cooper (24:58), Salv McDonnell (27:38), Laura Grainger (28:25), Sue Podmore (29:45), Cath McDonnell (30:43), Tracey Pickering (37:45) and Hannah Richardson (42:30) all completing the event. 

At Hartlepool, Richard Trowles (18:14) finished fourth with Carley Cooper (26:55), Jean-Pierre Hupin (27:58), Kathleen Tonge (30:31), Em Flynn (30:43) and Richard Tonge (30:44) also completing the event.  This was also Richard Tonges’ 200th ever parkrun, an amazing achievement.

At Herrington Country Park which saw a lot of standing water on the course, David Stothard (27:16) and Ian Stothard (36:12) both completed the course.  At Ashington Woodland, Paul Dalton (21:27) and Jayne Rudd (31:30) both completed the course for the first time.

If you are feeling inspired and are interested in joining the club, you can turn up for one of our sessions.  More information is available on our website  or our Facebook page.  If you would like to chat with someone, then you can email  If interested in the Junior Section you can email   Make this year the year you or your children get into running and join us to keep it going for many years to come.