ARC Weekly Race Report – Week 43– 25th Oct 2023

This week has been a weather impacted week.  However, Aycliffe Running Club members have still continued to be active.

This time of the year sees an increase in headtorch runs, which are generally trail races taking place under the cover of night where runners are required to use head torches to light the way.  It’s a fun and exciting type to race throughout the winter period.  Wednesday 18 October, saw 11 members take part in the Darlington Trail Night Run, which saw runners run 5k on trails in the dark, starting at the White Heifer That Travelled Pub.  Richard Holland lit up the way finishing third in a time of 21:28.  Also representing the cub were Dave Blewitt (24:04), Daniel Tatham (25:10), Joe Dickinson (26:42), Tamara Kirk (26:43), David Stothard (28:27), Sue Podmore (30:36), Kelly Dickinson (32:12), Ian Stothard (33:19), Tracey Pickering (36:57) and Cliff Pickering (37:28).

On Sunday 22 October, 11 members travelled to Leeds for the Leeds Abbey Dash 10k.  Representing the club were John Surtees (34:20), Richard Campbell (37:28), Matt Muir setting a new personal best of 38:26, Tracey Surtees (39:37), Stuart Joyce (43:42), Dave Blewitt (45:52), Trish Kay 53:02, Carley Cooper setting  a new personal best of 53:25, Yvonne Blewitt (1:02:59) and Em Flynn  (1:03:51).

At the same time, one member travelled to Bamburgh for the Run Northumberland Castles Half Marathon 2023.  Rob Young was the sole representative for the club finishing in a time of 1:33:18.

On the same day, one member took part in the aptly names Hellhole 5 Mile trail race in Stanley, Durham, with Shaun Dodd (45:24), representing the club.

On Saturday, there were a number of parkruns cancelled due to the after effects of Storm Babet.  However, despite a number of courses being closed, 10 members still managed to start their weekend with a parkrun, taking in the Darlington South Park, Exeter Riverside and Jubilee events. 

At Darlington South Park, eight members took part with Gareth Hamblin (20:46), Jimmy Agnew (setting yet another personal best of 21:35), Trevor Agnew (22:00), David Stothard (26:18), Martin Turnbull (completing the course for the first time in 26:59), Carley Cooper (29:15), Em Flynn (32:26) and Ian Stothard (as tail walker (56:17) all representing the club.

At Exeter Riverside, Judith Porter completed the course for the first time finishing in a time of 30:53.  At Jubilee, Shaun Dodd was the sole representative for the club finishing in a time of 24:10.  Hopefully normal service will be resumed this week.

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