ARC Weekly Race Report–Week 22 – 5th June 2024

It has been another busy week for Aycliffe Running Club which started off with the fourth race in the Darlington Trail 5k Series and the South Park 5k.  There were 19 members taking part with John Firby (18:27) first and Sam Keenan (19:27) third.  Lucy Postle (21:59) finished as third female.  Also taking part were Richrd Holland (20:11), Jimmy Agnew (20:56), Daniel Tatham (22:47), Trevor Agnew (24:16), Sarah Gill (24:58), David Stothard (26:13), Keith Hatton (27:26), Sue Podmore (28:15), Melanie Varley (29:29), Rob Nicholson (29:48), Sam Harding (30:21), Sandrine Hewitt (30:36), Peter Varley (31:57), Em Flynn (32:02), Nici Ingman (32:21) and Ian Stothard (38:13)

On Thursday 30 May, Richard Holland (41:52) took part in the Angel View Run.  This is a 5.5 mile race which incorporates two laps around the iconic Angel of the North. 

At the same time, the club entered seven teams in the NYMAC Relays at Stewart Park in Middlesbrough, each running a leg of one mile.  Representing the club were Richard Campbell (5:26), Richard Trowles (5:40), Adam Harker (5:54) and Karl Hume (5:38), total time (22:38); Martin Turnbull (5:27), Gareth Hamblin (5:36), Max Todd (5:46) and Lucy Postle (6:34), total time 23:23; Salv McDonnell 0(6:52), David Stothard (7:04), John Burnside (7:19) and Richard Trowles (5:48), total time 27:03; Daniel Tatham (6:49), Andy Talbot (6:50), Bernadette Cooper (6:51) and Trevor Needham (6:41), total time (27:11); Rob Nicholson (8:30), James Wilson (9:30), Martin Turnbull (5:45) and Keith Hatton (8:03), total time (31:48); Carley Cooper (7:59), Kirsty Cameron (8:49), Sarah Gill (7:22) and Sue Podmore (8:21), total time (32:31); Angela Sutheran (7:00), Samantha Harding (8:34), Em Flynn (9:23) and Anne Kellett (9:34), total time (34:31) and Cath McDonnell (8:02), Alan Kellett (8:20), Ian Stothard (11:09) and Jean-Pierre Hupin (8:43), total time (36:14)

On Sunday 2 June, three members took part in the Morpeth 10k with Angela Sutheran (48:48), Steve Williams (56:25) and Viv Williams (1:07:06 and first in the female over 65 category) representing the club.

On Saturday 1 June May, 42 members started their weekend with a parkrun.  At York, Lou Mann (30:37) completed the course for the first time.  At Sedgefield Shaun Dodds (25:06) completed his 100th ever parkrun at this event.  At Darlington South Park, Kieron O’Connor (19:14) and David Stothard (25:43) set a new personal bests for the course with this the 25th run in this event for Dave.

At Hackworth, Floyd Jones (20:44 whilst finishing second) and Carley Cooper (27:13) both set new personal bests for the course.  This was also Carley’s 150th ever parkrun, an amazing achievement.  Kirsty Cameron (31:17) completed the course at Hartlepool for the first time with Sam Harding (29:48) running her fastest parkrun for over a year and getting back below the 30 minute mark.  Tomas Heywood (37:39) completed the event at Whinlatter Forest for the first time.  Keith Hatton (27:52) continued with his parkrun tourism taking in the event at Poolsbrook for the first time.

Dave Blewitt (22:55) set a new personal best at Jubilee.  At Carlisle Park Paul Dalton (22:29) and Jayne Rudd (32:24) both completed the course for the first time.  This was also the final parkrun in the North East that Paul had left to complete ,earning him the North East regionnaire status.  At Chopwell Wood, Daniel Tatham (24:58), Tracey Pickering (41:07) and Cliff Pickering (50:52) all completed the course for the first time. 

If you are feeling inspired and are interested in joining the club, you can turn up for one of our sessions.  More information is available on our website  or our Facebook page.  If you would like to chat with someone, then you can email  If interested in the Junior Section you can email   Make this year the year you or your children get into running and join us to keep it going for many years to come.