ARC Weekly Race Report – Week 30 – 27th July 2022

It has been a very busy week for Members this week with a number of races taking place.  It has also seen some very positive results including personal bests being achieved for some members.

On 20 July two members took part in the Gerry Kearsley Summer Handicap.  First back for the Club was Gareth HAMBLIN in a time of 44:41.  He was followed by Shaun DODD in a time of 48:18

On 21 July, 11 Members took part in the Sunderland 5k road race.  First back for the club was John SURTEES in a time of 16:40.  He was followed by Gareth KYLE who produced a personal best of 17:19. He was closely followed by Dez FIELDEN who came home in a time of 17:38 which is a new club record for the 50-54 age category.  He was closely followed by Richard CAMPBELL who also achieved a new personal best for the distance of 17:49.  Next back was Floyd JONES who came back in a time of 18:27, closely followed by Stuart JOYCE in a time of 18:46.  Next home was Andy TALBOT in a time of 20:01, followed by Trevor NEEDHAM in a time of 21:33.  He was followed by Alan WILKS in a time of 23:41 and David STOTHARD in a time of 24:24.  Yvonne BLEWITT was next back in a time of 29:41.

Sunderland 5k

On Saturday 24 July, six Members took part in the Redcar Penguins 5 Mile Race.  Dez FIELDEN was first back for the club in a time of 30:29, also finishing first in the 50-54 Male Category.  He was followed by Andy TALBOT in a time of 33:33 finishing first in the Male 60-64 category.  Next back was Trish KAY in a time of 41:45 and first in the Female 60-64 category.  She was closely followed by David STOTHARD in a time of 42:44.  Next back was Eve DOE in a time of 51:32, followed by Susan CLARK in a time of 1:01:29.

Redcar Penguins 5 mile race

On the same day, two Members completed the Durham Coastal Half Marathon with Richard HOLLAND first back in a time of 2:14:02.  He was followed by Richard TONGE in a time of 2:56:51.

Saturday morning was a very busy one for Members with a total of 25 members beginning their weekend with a Parkrun.  The Club was represented at the Sedgefield, Riverside, Darlington South Park, Hackworth, Flatts Lane, Leazes, and Jubilee events.

Several runners took part in the Sedgefield parkrun with Donna JARPS completing her 25th Parkrun at this course, finishing in a time of 30:58.  Two members took part in the Riverside Parkrun for the first time with Kathleen TONGE finishing in a time of 30:39.  Richard TONGE was not far behind, finishing in a time of 31:30.

Over at Hackworth, Stuart JOYCE continued his impressive form, finishing in second place in a time of 21:15.  He was closely followed by Gareth HAMBLIN who finished in third place in a time of 21:30 which was also a personal best for this course.

Over at Flatts Lane, Richard MACFARLANE completed this course for the first time, finishing in a time of 28:43.  At the same time Cliff PICKERING was taking part at Jubilee, finishing his 25th Parkrun, finishing in a time of 36:38.

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