ARC Weekly Race Report – Week 22 – 29th May 2022

Wow – that is the simple way of describing the involvement of our runners in the last week. The racing began on Wednesday evening with another race in the Darlington Trail Series, this week taking place at Baydale Beck. First home for ARC and second place overall was Paul Dalton in a time of 19.08. Next home was Clare Stradling who was second lady on the night in a time of 25.26, David Stothard came in 27.04, and Ian Stothard followed in 38.12.
ARC NYMAC Relays May 2022
The following evening was a relay event in Stewarts Park. This saw teams of 4 runners covering a mile each. We had a great turnout as always and there were a number of PB’s achieved. Team results were as follows: –
John Firby (5.07), Gareth Kyle (5.09) Matt Muir (5.47) Dan Samuels (5.51), Total 21.54
Floyd Jones (5.41), Paul Dalton (5.24), Trevor Needham (6.11), Stuart Joyce (5.48), Total 23.04
Dave Blewitt (6.28), Richard Trowles (6.23), Alan Wilkes (7.39) John Firby (5.26), Total 25.56
Lauryn Helewell (6.25), Jayne Rudd (7,24), Sarah Gill (7.01) Michaela Kerr (7.53), Total 28.43
Alan Kellett (7.46), Ian Stothard (12.06), David Stothard (7.24) Gareth Kyle (6.11), Total 33.27
Carley Cooper (7.55), Kirsty Cameron (8.18), James Wilson (8.57), Nici Ingman (8.18), Total 33.28
Yvonne Blewitt (8.55), Sam Harding (8.23), Melanie Rowland (8.17) Anne Kellett (9.00), Total 34.35
As always we had runners out and about on Saturday enjoying parkruns and because of events out of the area members took the opportunity to partake in a bit of Parkrun Tourism.
Sunday was the busiest day however, and starting more local we had five runners taking part in the Northallerton 10k. First home for the club was Gareth Kyle in 37.09 and he was followed by Rob Young in 42.42 and Dave Blewitt in 46.56, Kirsty Cameron then followed in 58:17 who was herself followed by Judith Porter in 1:03:02.
Another local event also took place on Sunday in the spectacular grounds of Raby Castle. This is always a popular event with members of ARC and this year was no exception. We had husband and wife Cliff and Tracey Pickering running the 5k distance with both finishing in 37.38 and 38.27 respectively.
In the 10k race, our male Captain, John Firby was first home for the club in 37.03. Behind him was Floyd Jones in 40.19, Martyn Knox in 45.14, Shaun Dodds in 51.49, David Stothard in 57.18, Trish Kay in 57.21, Sandrine Hewitt in 1.00.49, Sam Harding in 1.01.53 and Even Doe in 1.06.22
Further North there was a large contingent of runners who travelled to Scotland to take part in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival and we had runners in both the marathon and half marathon. This is also a very popular event with our runners and nothing of course to do with the amount of places for refreshments after the race!!.
The half marathon began early on Sunday morning with an 8 a.m. start. First home for the club was John Surtees in 1.17.20, he was followed by Richard Campbell in 1.21.29 (securing yet another PB), Paul Dalton in 1.22.04, Tracey Surtees followed in 1.33.06 (securing herself a PB for this distance), Clare Stradling in 1.54.01 (also a PB), Jayne Rudd in 1.58.25 (yet another PB), Richard Tonge in 2.14.59, Kelley Dickinson in 2.16.57 and last but by no means least Jan McLuckie in 3.26.12.
A few hours later the Marathon got underway and we had five members tackling this distance, Susan Cranswick was first home in 4.25.29, followed by Michelle Dixon in 4.25.30, Jason Dixon in 4.26.16, Mark Bainbridge followed in 4.35.08 with Heather Morgan following in 5.23.42.
A huge congratulations to all members on what has been an amazing weekend and a further congratulations to Mark and Heather who got engaged, en-route during the Marathon. We wish them all the best for the future.
Thanks to Karen Harland for fantastic photo above.